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Code - 2-Achsfräsköfpe

HS778 + ES793

2 AXIS HEAD HS778 + ES793




Standard Servomotors: Yaskawa, Fanuc, Siemens

A Axis stall / max torque: 1000Nm; 2400Nm

C Axis stall / max torque C: 1000Nm; 2400Nm

Clamping torque Axes brakes A; C: 2000Nm; 3000Nm

Max speed Axes A; C: 105° sec ; 140°* sec

Axis positioning accuracy: 20 arcsec; 20 arcsec

A Axes rotation ±120°

C Axes rotation ±262°

C Axes endless rotation (Slip Ring): no

A Axes endless rotation (Slip Ring): no

Direct Axis encoder: yes (AMO)

Axes Brakes: yes hydraulic

Weight: ~300kg

 *Values depend on the servomotor chosen



Available electrospindle ES793 liquid

Taper ISO40

Power S1-S6 15kW / 18kW Asynchronous

Max Torque S1-S6 31,8Nm / 38,2Nm Asynchronous

Max RPM 12.000

Rated RPM: 4.500

Spindle encoder: yes



N.B. dimensions may vary accordingly to options and Servomotors brands. This drawing refers to HS778+ES793 with Fanuc Servomotors. 


For further information please contact our Sales Office. Available many Head configurations upon request.