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Robotic applications for the safeguard of the historical heritage

Preserving the monuments and valuable historical assets from the neglect of time, the risk of harmful natural events and the action of the elements can be achieved both by physically securing the assets and by providing realistic replicas to preserve the knowledge of the sculptural Art heritage. Artistic safeguarding allows not only to preserve but also to enhance the precious beauty of artistic materials on an extremely detailed level.

The problem of our long-term customer Donatoni Macchine srl, an Italian company specialized in the production of CNC machines and robotic solutions for the processing of marble and granite with over 1000 CNC systems installed all over the world, was the need to create a technological system for the reproduction of ancient pieces such as statues and monuments, identical to the originals, for which it was necessary to reach high heights and work in undercut, which would not have been possible with a traditional 5-axis machine.

The solution developed by Donatoni therefore consists in integrating an HSD Electrospindle into a Robotic cell capable of working up to 4.5 meters in height and operating in undercut up to 90° with precision in the order of 3 tenths of a millimeter. "For example, the ancient marble works inside the Royal Palace in Denmark were scanned using dedicated 3D software and then reproduced using our Robotic Cell" says Moreno Ziesa, General Manager of Donatoni Macchine S.r.l.

"In recent years the robot market has increased exponentially, especially in the marble sector we are working on the integration of our Kuka robots with the wide range of HSD spindles, products of high quality, precision and reliability" says Alberto Pellero Director Strategy & Marketing of KUKA Roboter Italia SpA.

HSD Spa is a leader in the production of Electrospindles for 3 & 5 axis machines and robotic applications. The wide range of products with powers, speeds and torques ideal for robotic applications on all types of materials and application sectors, including Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Naval, Furniture.

"With traditional CNC machines you can operate on 5 axes while with 6 Axes Robots (which reach 7 axes with the aid of an interpolating Rotary Table) you can also work areas that you could not reach otherwise and this gives great value to the finished objects; in fact, before this solution, with the Machining Centers it was necessary to work more pieces that would then be assembled afterwards ” says Camiran Rasool Founder & President of Citco S.r.l. and continues “We are always looking at new technologies and new ways to work stone”. With this innovative solution, Citco S.r.l. has been able to create unique pieces starting from the solid with the possibility of milling with high precision on every point of the surface.

"On our robots we mount a wide range of HSD Electrospindles, different for connections, powers and processing speeds. The assembly interface and software are already fully tested" says Davide Ambrosi, the manager of Automation & Robot applications for Donatoni.

Donatoni has a wide range of Robot Integrated Solutions, with the payload of the robot from 240Kg up to 420Kg and an outreach of 3300mm. The robots are all equipped with HSD Electrospindles with automatic tool change as well as variable powers from 15kW to 20kW and availability of ISO40 or ISO50 couplings.