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World First Electrospindle with EtherCAT Protocol

HSD Spa is an official member of EtherCAT Technology Group (Industrial Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) originally developed by Beckhoff Automation. EtherCAT protocol, which is disclosed in the IEC standard IEC61158, is suitable for hard and soft real-time requirements in automation technology, in test and measurement and many other applications.

The ES950/ES951 Electrospindles range is ready for EtherCAT protocol, which give tangibile benefits to CNC Machines:

- Flexible topology: line, tree, star, or daisy-chain; EtherCAT supports almost all of topologies.

- Diagnosis: EtherCAT can detect and localize occasional disturbances before the issue would impacts the machine’s operation.

- Error localization: the CNC is able to detect WHERE the fault originally occurred in the system, making this a great advantage in comparison to conventional fieldbus systems.

- Wide bandwidth communication: Ethercat is based on Ethernet protocol which has 100Mb/s bandwidth, which allow a greater number of devices to be connected along the same line.