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RCT4MV Double sided Direct Drive Rotary Tables for 5 Axis Machines


Table plate size 500 mm (Option 420; 600)*
Max load 600 kg
Tilting Axis Range ±120°
Cooling liquid
Weight ~ 1000 kg

Axis rotary
Measuring System Accuracy  ±5 ±2,5*** arcsec
Clamping torque (Hydraulic) 2000 Nm
Max Speed 200 rpm
Torque 400 Nm

Axis tilting
Measuring System Accuracy ±5 ±2,5*** arcsec
Clamping torque (Hydraulic) 3500 Nm
Max Speed 100 rpm
Torque 1000 Nm

*Optional plates are available for information please contact HSD
**Performance may change according to servomotor chosen
***With standard axis Encoder ±5 arcsec With optional axis Encoder ±2,5 arcsec